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here to remind you of who you are 

Brittany Mondido, known as "The Heart Master" and "Bridger" of all ages, generations, and dimensions, creates to raise the consciousness of humanity. The core of her teaching is Heart Consciousness– connecting you to your heart and alchemizing anything that keeps you from it.

She shares her mission through various expressions, including writing, heart-opening experiences such as retreats, ceremonies, workshops, channeled song and poetry with a spiritual nuance to activate the depths of your being, align you with your Soul and see yourself more clearly.

Above all, she is a Spiritual Guide, Storyteller, Legacy-Builder, and Believer; a Teacher of Suffering and Love—and everything in between.

Brittany is also the HEART and VISIONARY behind THE ARM COLLECTIVE™, an award-winning collection of conscious companies guiding humanity towards Higher states of heart consciousness; named after her father's initials (ARM). In 2024, one of her collections An ARM's Reach Global, won the "Most Valuable Mission 2024" award and was recently featured in RealLeaders Magazine.

Her work invites the world to open their hearts, embrace the power to feel deeply, and strengthen their connection with themselves, each other, and our planet.

Each collection within the ARM COLLECTIVE™ offers a unique expression to remind you of who you really are (beneath the layers), connect you with your purpose here on Earth, and anchor you back into that truth. Brittany uses her intuitive nature to facilitate healing experiences offering humanity another way.

Brittany is also the CREATOR of THE ARMS METHOD™, recently featured on TEDx. She is the AUTHOR of A Moment In Silence: From Suffering In Silence to Loving Out Loud, The Space Between That Changes Your Life, and is currently working on her second book, which focuses on "those who feel misplaced" in our world. Brittany has been featured internationally on stages such as the Omega Institute, TEDx, and ARM events, and collaborates with addiction and health centers and systems, making healing accessible to all and leading our world forward differently. She loves creating heart-opening experiences, bringing her work from the jungles to corporate environments and everything in between.

Brittany is recognized as a PIONEER OF CHANGE; a loving interruptor to old ways guiding humanity into and towards a new paradigm while cultivating diverse platforms to offer a safe haven to do so.

"I care about your heart. I care about you living your deepest, fullest expression in this lifetime – whatever that may look like to you. I care about the unraveling of your heart, and any suffering that keeps you from it. I am here to remind you of who you really are and the choice you have to experience this lifetime FULLY."

beneath the layers


meet brittany


hi, i'm brittany

What began as my own healing journey and A Moment In Silence, has now grown to be three conscious companies impacting humanity across the world – sharing the experiences of alchemizing trauma, activating your heart and reconnecting to your intuitive nature – reminding you of who you really are beneath it all.

It wasn't until I thought I "had it all" where I took a chance at another path in life; one that was unknown and unfamiliar yet felt so very true.

I've spent most of my life searching for another way and I'm grateful for the version of myself that didn't believe "she was good enough" yet, took a chance anyway. That is what I am here to walk you towards. Reminding you of who you are and what you are here to do and be in the world.

I care about your heart. I care about your mission.

If you KNOW you are here for something deeper -- I want to know you. I see you. I hear you. I AM YOU. And, I want to support you on this journey. The world needs what YOU have weaved within that beautiful heart of yours – and this is my way of summoning you into it. Don't let it slip. Whatever you do, don't let it slip.


From Healthcare To Corporate To The Jungles To a Conscious Movement...


the essence

Brittany views everything in her life as art. She believes each of us are artists with our own specific colors, ingredients and medicine– one where you come with your own shape rather than attempting to fit into another's...

"In addition to my own personal mission and artistry, I am deeply devoted to Mother Earth and I go on walks with The Mothers daily;
I am devoted to living a play-and-FULL, heart-opened and centered life. 

I enjoy creating experiences in every single moment whether that's through the expression of my work or through personal, every-day experiences. 

I believe connecting to the truth of your being is what holds the sacred medicine; attuning myself to the beauty and interconnectedness of our world has allowed me to experience depths of my being I never thought possible. A deeply felt like is what I was yearning for and it is my prayer to offer that to humanity and our Earth in every way possible with each of our presence, itself.
My deepest joys are making everything homemade-in which I call heartmade; whether that's in my personal or professional life (as, to me, there is no separation) and incorporating it into my creations. It brings me deep joy to create art in different ways to nourish my own heart, mind, body & Soul-- and those around me daily, through homemade almond milk, teas, sage for ceremony, or cacao from the rainforest... to name a few... it excites me to experience and create in this way.

I am grateful to say that I live in a way that is true to my own heart; where I am in love and in relationship with LIFE itself... in each moment– as best as I can be– and with all things... and beings... viewing everything in my life as art. I joyfully explore new ways to bring this frequency and depth to my own life and, in turn, to those around me. 

Whether I'm singing, playing the guitar, co-creating with sound bowls, boxing, poetry, climbing trees… getting my hands dirty on the land or under a car hood, if there is anything I do, it's that I allow my Soul to be free... and that is my prayer for you.


The 'Story'


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The ARM Collective™ is named after my father's initials (ARM) who primarily raised by my dad following my parents divorce.

I began working at age 13-- and have been working since. I went from the "hustle-hard" way of doing to the "heart-led" way of being. It always felt like a disconnect to "force" myself into places or situations that didn't feel aligned; and I am grateful to now know another way.

At the age of 16, my best friend was killed in front of me and this led me to shutting down and closing myself off from the world which then led me on a journey filled with addictions whether through food, sex, codependency, relationships, work– most of all, one no one talks about yet we can all relate to is -- addiction to suffering.

I was in Healthcare for over 10-years and quit my job and the life I was life I was "living" when I met my former partner, It wasn't until I believed I had it all that made me question what that actually was. I had "the house, the job, the partner, the life", yet felt the most empty inside: A Moment In Silence told me otherwise and I decided to take another path and "leave" it all -- to start over. In deep debt, anger, guilt, fear and shame -- glimpses of faith lingered.

This is where my healing journey began that led me to channeling my visions into form. This led me to my book "A Moment In Silence: The Space Between That Changes Your Life", Founding The ARM Collective™ which holds three conscious collections; to being featured on the TEDx stage with over 30+ million, chosen as Editors Choice on Elephant Journal, Featured in RealLeaders magazine and being awarded "Most Valuable Mission 2024", and much more... all within three years. So the message is this, just like I run around with my niece and nephew saying: anything. is. possible.

This isn't about what I've accomplished-- this is much deeper. It's about permission... it's about TRUTH.

Life is here for you to reclaim; to live and fully experience, and all it takes is one honest moment. To accept this life, fully and completely.

along THE WAy

Before the Pandemic, I had a vision of bringing people together creating a space where we can come together from a healed place; not from the wounded all while honoring our wounds.

I now know this as raising consciousness and "walking each other Home" like Ram Dass says.

The initial 'plan' was to go to Bali for a few months so I began networking with people there until the pandemic hit and had other plans for me. This led me to Tulum, Mexico where I had two- conscious events and had a little glimpse of what birthed into An ARM's Reach Global™: a conscious education and healing platform supporting humanity in their healing, evolution and spiritual path; making healing accessible to everyone.

Following this trip, I had more questions than ever and learned shortly after my 30th- birthday that I come from a lineage of indigenous healers in the Philippines – on both sides. This was the first time I felt many of the answers I had throughout my life had been revealed to me.

From 2019 on, I wanted to know: what, I wasn't sure. I just knew where I was at - wasn't it for me. This led me to studying, training and becoming certified in many different healing modalities, and ultimately guiding me into my spiritual journey; to unraveling and integrating my own trauma – to now holding this space for others.

In this moment of time and space, I have trained with The Masters of The Shaolin Temple, I am a dedicated Student and Teacher of A Course In Miracles™, Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner training, Eastern Medicine (TCM), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Intergenerational and Ancestral Trauma, Psychotherapy, Somatic Psychology, Energetics, Sexual Polarity, Astrology, Ayurveda, studying (and reading everything related to– ) Shamanism, Buddhism... and re-began Muay Thai and Boxing Yoga, Breathwork and much more...

This journey continues to reveal to me that... as you move and walk towards what feels true for you, although it may not make "sense", the path is calling you forth... calling you forward and it will continue to until you choose to walk it.

I love you. Thank you for reading a glimpse of my life story.



THE ARM Collective™ was birthed from a vision I had for the world since I was a child – yet didn't know where to start – like you, me and everyone else; 

The ARM Collective™ consists of THREE conscious collections:  Conscious Education with an extension of Conscious Parenting, Thought Leadership, and Conscious Ecosystem. The ARM Collective also holds THE ARMS METHOD™ recently featured on TEDx. THE ARMS METHOD™ is a 4-step proven process that opens up a portal into expanded quantum consciousness.

A.R.M. are 
my fathers initials, and it was only a few years ago where I found myself "fighting" with myself to figure out a name for the company. I knew I came here to birth a LEGACY; I knew I came here to co-create something quite DIVINE and it wasn't until I made contact with the Divine that I was able to. I had so many 'cool, creative' names yet nothing was sticking. It fell short and often turned into frustration and resentment.

When I dropped in and surrendered – I realized I had it all along.. I kept saying I wanted to be an arms reach away like my father had always been – through it all. I knew I wanted the world to experience my father's heart and the unconditional love within it.

One day, during a meditation, all I kept saying was: "I just want to be an arm's reach away, like daddy has always been. Everything to be an arm's reach away. I want the world to experience that; to know anything is possible no matter your situation. that everything you need is literally an arms reach away." And so An ARM's Reach LEGACY was born from that moment on.


"leading our world forward"


a moment in silence:
the space between that
changes your life



"All it takes is one honest moment.

A Moment In Silence is what has pivoted my path and continues to do so.

This book is about receiving the "pressures" of life as invitations into a new world: a new way of being and seeing. It's about connecting with the space between that is always available to you; and what you do with this space is what directs your life -- and directs it accordingly.

For what I set out to have published early in 2023 has led me into a deeper spiritual initiation. The book is now available for pre-order.


a spiritual memoir

THE ARM COLLECTIVE™ is here as a vibration of love- to make healing accessible to everyone; to create a more heart conscious world; and offer our world another way – a new way – forward.

A POWERFUL ENERGETIC ANCHOR here to hold the sacred template of what we are destined to create. Through Brittany's profound connection to the universal energy, she aligns the very essence of the world, allowing the heart to radiate and guide the way.
SEEING and REFLECTING back what you may not see within yourself: BRITTANY has the ability to see someone’s highest potential and the blocks that are keeping them there while guiding them them to activate their fullest expression. She is able to put together the pieces of the puzzle and bring forth downloads that help shift humanity.

Brittany is known for her playful yet relatable approach to spirituality and healing that make ancient wisdom accessible and relatable.




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work with brittany

BRITTANY and her work have been featured and recognized in:

"Brittany is a heart master and she is restlessly sharing amazing tools that help us ascend and establish ourselves in the heart vibration.”
– Pilar Turrido –

“Brittany is the definition of a divine intervention in my life - an angel that connected me with my heart, and showed me how to live from a place of love and approach the healing journey with grace… in turn, making my life magical than it’s ever been. I owe so much of my success internally and externally to Brittany’s energy and her heart-centered consciousness, that sparks miracles in every soul’s life she touches, either through her words or her mere presence. She is the ultimate light-worker.”
– Raahul Raja –

“Brittany is the definition of a pure light in this world. From her mind, to her words to her action she radiates kindness & heart-driven care. Her journey and mission goes deep into changing lives, the environment, & the future of our society to build a world of light workers.
– Veronika Popyk –

"“Brittany is a beacon of light. Love radiates from her big heart, and you can feel her presence as soon as she enters the room. She is a living testament that we all have the power within to heal, change, and embody the truth.”
– Jeremy Trinchere –

"It's not enough to say that Brittany's presence lights up a room, that's a given. Her heart-centered leadership is a constant reminder that you are seen, heard and that you matter. Her energy is a warm hug that feels like home."
– Rachel Gitlevich –


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"I'm never felt more


brittany's work is rooted in heart consciousness

Brittany's work waves the concepts of spirituality, love and healing through a variety of expressions including poetry, singing, writing, speaking, storytelling and entrepreneurship.

Writing came into her life at a young age and helped her move through her darkest moments that alchemized into means of self-love, healing, inspiration and truth: She writes to heal, and is here to support the evolution of humanity towards the new paradigm and the arising of a more enlightened humanity. She holds a sacred template of what we are destined to create. Her heartfelt words, expression and life experiences have become a guiding light for many across the world.

Through her profound connection to the universal energy, she aligns the very essence of the world, allowing the heart to radiate and guide the way to collective healing.

Brittany's mission is to make healing accessible and inclusive to everyone -- reminding you of who you are beneath the layers and guide you towards another way forward and through. 

Brittany prefers no title yet is known by many as a story-teller, heartworker, changemaker, mission mover, spiritual warrior, believer, a disruptor and force for change. A true heart master in this life.

Inviting you into your own expression.

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"I'm never felt more


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